2022 ARCA Menards Series Driver / Team Chart

Last Updated: June 10th, 2022

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Full-Time ARCA Menards Series Teams (After 5 of 20 Races):

  • No. 01 – Fast Track Racing
  • No. 03 – Clubb Racing Inc
  • No. 2 – Rev Racing
  • No. 6 – Rev Racing
  • No. 10 – Fast Track Racing
  • No. 11 – Fast Track Racing
  • No. 12 – Fast Track Racing
  • No. 15 – Venturini Motorsports
  • No. 18 – Kyle Busch Motorsports
  • No. 20 – Venturini Motorsports
  • No. 25 – Venturini Motorsports
  • No. 27 – Richmond Motorsports
  • No. 30 – Rette Jones Racing
  • No. 35 – Greg Van Alst Motorsports
  • No. 43 – GMS Racing
  • No. 48 – Brad Smith Motorsports

Full-Time ARCA Menards Series East Teams (After 4 of 7 Races):

  • No. 01 – Fast Track Racing
  • No. 02 – Young’s Motorsports
  • No. 10 – Fast Track Racing
  • No. 11 – fast Track Racing
  • No. 12 – Fast Track Racing
  • No. 17 – David Gilliland Racing
  • No. 18 – Kyle Busch Motorsports
  • No. 42 – Cook Racing Technologies
  • No. 48 – Brad Smith Motorsports
  • No. 60 – Josh Williams Motorsports

Full-Time ARCA Menards Series West Teams (After 3 of 11 Races):

  • No. 4 – Nascimento Motorsports
  • No. 6 – Sunrise Ford Racing
  • No. 7 – Jerry Pitts Racing
  • No. 9 – Sunrise Ford Racing
  • No. 13 – Coastal Cabinets Racing
  • No. 16 – Bill McAnally Racing
  • No. 31 – Pedroncelli Racing
  • No. 33 – Pedroncelli Racing
  • No. 54 – Naake-Klauer Racing
  • No. 88 – BMI Motorsports
  • No. 99 – Bill McAnally Racing

ARCA Menards Series:

Car #Driver(s)Team(s)Manufacturer(s)Sponsor(s)Crew Chief(s)
0Con Nicolopoulos (Daytona)
AJ Moyer (Talladega)
Nate Moeller (Milwaukee)
Wayne Peterson RacingFord Fusion
Toyota Camry
JRC Transportation
Michael Peterson
David Smith
Mate Moeller
01Tim Monroe (Phoenix, Talladega, IRP)
Stephanie Moyer (Iowa, Pocono, Milwaukee)
DL Wilson (Berlin, Elko, Mid-Ohio)
Zachary Tinkle (Watkins Glen, DuQuoin, Kansas 2)
Dallas Frueh (Michigan, Springfield)
Benny Chastain (Daytona)
Arnout Kok (Kansas 1)
Dick Doheny (Charlotte)
Fast Track RacingFord Fusion
Chevrolet SS
Toyota Camry
Fast Track High Performance Driving
Brand South Africa
Evergreen Raceway
Wilson Traditional Metals
Universal Technical Institute
Harry's U Pull It
Racing for Rescues
Tony Cosentino
Tim Monroe
Trey Galgon
Mike Sroufe
Dallas Frueh
Dick Doheny
02Leland Honeyman (Iowa, Milwaukee)
Kris Wright (Pocono)
Dylan Smith (IRP)
Young's MotorsportsChevrolet SSLH Waterfront Construction
Big Dog Energy
Maestro's Classic
Andrew Abbott
03Alex Clubb (11 Races)
Brayton Laster (Daytona, Talladega)
Rita Thomason (Berlin, Mid-Ohio)
Josh White (Charlotte)
Casey Carden (Watkins Glen)
Clubb Racing Inc.Ford Fusion
Chevrolet SS
Indy Auto Recyclers
Flowers with Jazz
Clubb Racing
Beachy Blooms
Fish Fin
Vestco Lawncare
Ryan Polenz
Brian Clubb
Robert Bruce
Chris Nichols
Alex Clubb
Ashley Clater
06Zachary Tinkle (9 Race)
Rita Thomason (Watkins Glen)
Tim Richmond (Milwaukee)
Nate Moeller (DuQuoin)
Kevin Hinckle (Kansas 2)
Wayne Peterson RacingChevrolet SS
Toyota Camry
Ford Fusion
Grateful Rescue
American Association of Pet Parents
Racing for Rescues
Pipe Works
On Target Media
Immigration Law Services
Wayne Peterson
Michael Peterson
Nate Moeller
George Gimbert
Tim Goulet
Nate Monteith
07Brian Kaltreider (Daytona, Phoenix, Talladega)Mystic MotorsportsFord FusionMystic MotorsportsKeith Tebbs
Brian Kaltreider
1Jake Finch (Milwaukee)Phoenix RacingToyota CamryPhoenix ConstructionJohnny Allen
2Nick SanchezRev RacingChevrolet SSRev Racing
Universal Technical Institute
Max Siegel Inc.
Matt Bucher
3Willie Mullins (Daytona, Talladega)
Casey Carden (Mid-Ohio)
Mullins RacingChevrolet SS
Ford Fusion
Crow Wing Recycling
Beachy Blooms
Layne Denton Band
Robert Bruce
Alex Clubb
Dale Quarterly (Mid-Ohio, Watkins Glen)Quarterley RacingChevrolet SSVan Dyk Recycling
Alex Quarterley
5Dale Quarterly (Daytona)Bobby Gerhart RacingChevrolet SSVan Dyk RecyclingBill Gerhart
Rajah CaruthRev RacingChevrolet SSRev Racing
Max Siegel Inc.
Brad Parrott
Brad Means
7Eric Caudell (Daytona, Talladega, Milwaukee)
Matt Wilson (Charlotte, Kansas 2)
Colton Collins (Elko, IRP)
Dr. Ed Bull (Mid-Ohio, Watkins Glen)
CCM RacingFord Fusion
Toyota Camry
Chevrolet SS
Red Tide Canopies
Coble Enterprises
RA WIlson Enterprises
Bayside Chiropractic
Safari Joe's H20
Jeremy Petty
Kyle Totman
Darren Mizz
Sean Corr (4 Races)Empire RacingChevrolet SSThe Trans Group
Derek Hartnagel
Mike Cheek
9Thomas Praytor (Talladega)Praytor RacingChevrolet SSAlabama Deaf & BlindMike Abram
10Tim Monroe (4 Races)
Zachary Tinkle (Phoenix, Berlin, Elko)
Ryan Huff (Kansas 1, Charlotte)
Jon Garrett (Pocono, Kansas 2)
Jason White (Daytona)
Richard Garvie (Talladega)
Tanner Allen (Iowa)
Arnout Kok (Mid-Ohio)
Chris Martin Jr. (IRP)
Joe Cooksey (DuQuoin)
Fast Track RacingToyota Camry
Ford Fusion
Chevrolet SS
Powder Ventures Excavating
Fast Track Racing
Southeastern Services
H&H Excavation
Fast Track High Performance Driving
Stolte Farms
South African Brand
Rock Creek Distillery
Universal Technical Institute
Riverside Chevrolet
Hot 2 Go Pizza
Mike Sroufe
Wayne Peterson
Steven Barton
Tim Monroe
Dick Doheny
Tony Cosentino
Dallas Frueh
11Bryce Haugeberg (7 Races)
Stanton Barrett (Mid-Ohio, Watkins Glen)
Ken Schrader (Springfield, DuQuoin)
Chuck Hiers (Daytona)
Jon Garrett (Talladega)
Tony Cosentino (Charlotte)
Ed Pompa (Berlin)
Morgen Baird (Michigan)
Ryan Huff (Kansas 2)
Fast Track RacingToyota Camry
Ford Fusion
Chevrolet SS
Ashley Homes Jax
Magnum Contracting
Fort Worth Screen Printing
The Gutter Team
Cen Pe Co
Double H Ranch
Universal Technical Institute
Stanton Barrett Family Wines
Long Drink
Experience Jackson
Delrose-Holt Racing Associates
Southeastern Services
David Ifft
Mike Sroufe
Tony Cosentino
Steven Barton
Dick Doheny
Jeff Spraker
12D.L. Wilson (8 Races)
Tim Monroe (Berlin, DuQuoin, Kansas 2)
Tommy Vigh Jr. (Charlotte)
Willie Mullins (Elko)
Tony Cosentino (Mid-Ohio)
Ed Pompa (Watkins Glen)
Bryce Haugeberg (Springfield)
Zachary Tinkle (Milwaukee)
Fast Track RacingChevrolet SS
Toyota Camry
Ford Fusion
Tradinghouse Bar & Grill
Leggott Trailers of Waco
Wilson Traditional Metals
Dansby's Tokio Store
Aaron Kyle Singer-Songwriter
Fast Track Racing
CW Metals
Crow Wing Recycling
Double H Ranch
Magnum Contracting
Racing for Rescues
Mark Rumbold Farms
Dick Doheny
Tim Monroe
Robert Bruce
Steven Barton
Mike Sroufe
15Parker Chase (7 Races)
Gus Dean (Kansas 1, Michigan)
Landon Pembelton (Elko, Milwaukee)
Conner Jones (Iowa)
Tom Hessert III (Berlin)
Chandler Smith (IRP)
Buddy Kofoid (Springfield)
Corey Heim (DuQuoin)
Venturini MotorsportsToyota CamryVertical Bridge
Mobil 1
Jones Utilities
Quick Tie
Charge Me
Dean Custom Air
Kevin Reed
Doug George
16Kelly Kovski (Springfield, DuQuoin)Allgaier MotorsportsChevrolet SSSchluckebier Farms
John Hansen
Geant Enfinger
17Taylor Gray (11 Races)David Gilliland RacingFord Fusion
Ford Mustang
Ford Performance
Mission 22
Chad Johnson
18Sammy Smith (12 Races)
Drew Dollar (4 Races)
Kyle Busch MotorsportsToyota CamryLynx Capital
Allstate Peterbilt Group
Mark McFarland
20Jesse Love (14 Races)
Corey Heim (6 Races)
Venturini MotorsportsToyota CamryCrescent Tools
Shannon Rursch
21Jack Wood (Mid-Ohio)Bill McAnally RacingChevrolet SSCooks CollisionTom Ackerman
23Connor Mosack (7 Races)
Bret Holmes (Talladega, Michigan)
Bret Holmes RacingChevrolet SSNic Taylor Underwear
Golden Eagle Syrup
Shane Huffman
24Ryan Unzicker (Springfeild, DuQuoin)Hendren MotorsportsChevrolet SSRJR Transportation
Hummingbird Winery
Bill Hendren
24Amber Slagle (Milwaukee)Cook Racing TechnologiesChevrolet SSSunwest ConstructionSean Samuels
25Toni BreidingerVenturini MotorsportsToyota CamryHAIRCLUB
Women's Sports Foundation
FP Movement
Pit Viper
Venturini Motorsports
Kevin Reed Jr.
27Tim Richmond (4 Races)
Dallas Frueh (Berlin, Elko)
Ron Vandermeir Jr. (Kansas 1)
Con Nicolopoulos (Mid-Ohio)
Richmond MotorsportsChevrolet SS
Toyota Camry
Ford Fusion
Immigration Law Center
Circle Track Warehouse
Mac Rak Engineered Rak Repair
Darrell Phillips
Ron Vandermeir Sr.
Donald Liepold
30Amber Balcaen Rette Jones RacingFord Fusion
Toyota Camry
Icon DirectMark Rette
31Rita Thomason (Milwaukee)Tim Goulet EnterprisesChevrolet SSKid's Cander FoundationTim Goulet
32Max Gutierrez (Daytona, Talladega)
Austin Wayne Self (Watkins Glen)
AM Technical Solutions
Jamie Jones
35Greg Van AlstGreg Van Alst MotorsportsFord Fusion
Chevrolet SS
CB Fabricating
Top Choice Fence
Jim Long
36Ryan Huff (Daytona, Talladega)
Tim Monroe (Charlotte)
Huff MotorsportsFord FusionH&H Excavation
SouthEastern Services
Richard Burgess
40Matthew GouldNiece MotorsportsChevrolet SSWorldwide ExpressPhil Gould
42Christian Rose (7 Races)
Kris Wright (Mid-Ohio)
Cook Racing TechnologiesChevrolet SS
Toyota Camry
Visit West Virginia
Big Dog Energy
Sean Samuels
Derek Peebles
43Daniel DyeGMS RacingChevrolet SSHalifax Health
GMS Racing
Heise LED Lighting Systems
Carolina Custom
Race to Stop Suicide
Martech Services Company
CHampion Container
KIX Country
Chad Bryant
44Buck Stevens (Springfield, DuQuoin)
Ron Vandermeir Jr. (Iowa, Kansas 2)
Mason Diaz (Daytona)
Thad Moffitt (Talladega)
Ed Pompa (Pocono)
Mike Goudie (Milwaukee)
McClure RacingChevrolet SS
Ford Fusion
Toyota Camry
Solid Rock Carriers
Prince William Marina
Clean Harbors
Mac Rack Engineered Rack Repair
Vampire State
Double H Ranch
McClure Racing
Jeff McClure
Ron Vandermeir Sr.
48Brad SmithSmith Brothers MotorsportsChevrolet SSPSST
Copraya Websites
Terry Strange
Colby Evans
Jeff Smith
Leo Kryger
Carl Brown
55Gus Dean (Daytona, Talladega)
Tom Hessert III (Elko, IRP)
Jonathan Shafer (Iowa)
John Hunter Nemechek (Mid-Ohio)
Jake Finch (Pocono)
Conner Jones (Watkins Glen)
Venturini MotorsportsToyota CamryDean Custom Air
Champion Power Equipment
Mobil 1
Phoenix Construction
Jones Utilities
Dave Leiner
57Bryan Dauzat (4 Races)Brother-In-Law MotorsportsChevrolet SSBrother In Law MotorsportsBob Rahilly
60Michael Lira (Daytona)Josh Williams MotorsportsFord FusionJW MotorsportsTony Furr
63Dave Mader III (Daytona)Spraker RacingChevrolet SSDiamond C RanchJeff Spraker
65Jeffrey MacZink (Michigan)MacZink Motorsports?SYNCON Performance FlooringJarod MacZink
66Ron Vandermeir Jr. (Elko, Milwaukee)Vandermeir RacingToyota CamryMac Rak Engineered Rak RepairRon Vandermeir Sr.
68Will Kimmel (Daytona)Kimmel RacingFord FusionE3 Spark PlugsTony Heaverin
69Scott Melton (5 Races)
Will Kimmel (4 Races)
Kimmel RacingFord Fusion
Toyota Camry
Melton McFadden Insurance
Kimmel Racing
E3 Spark Plugs
Bill Kimmel
71Christopher WerthVisconti MotorsportsFord FusionAccede Mold and ToolJohn Visconti
72Cody Coughlin (Michigan, Kansas 2)Coughlin MotorsportsFordJEGS Kevin Hamlin
73Andy Jankowiak (5 Races)AJ RacingFord Fusion
Toyota Camry
Chevrolet SS
Jankowiak Racing
V-1 Fiber
Planter Box
Mike Dayton
74Mandy Chick (IRP)Chick RacingToyota CamryDynamic DrivelinesSteve Chick
81Brandon Jones (4 Races)Joe Gibbs RacingToyota CamryMenards / Tide / Bounty
Menards / Morton Salt
Menards / Watts
Menards / Amerilux
Jacob Canter
Jeff Meendering
91Colby Howard (Mid-Ohio)Bill McAnally RacingToyota CamryGates HydraulicsJohn Camilleri
94Bryce Haugeberg (Daytona, Talladega)Haugeberg RacingToyota CamryMagnum ContractingKevin Cram
95Dylan Fetcho (IRP)Noble RacingToyota CamryHunter Industrial Fans
Sunset Park RV
Scott Fetcho
97Jason Kitzmiller (4 Races)CR7 MotorsportsChevrolet SSALL ConstructionTodd Myers
99Cole Moore (Phoenix)
Blaine Perkins (Mid-Ohio)
Bill McAnally RacingChevrolet SSBBB Industries
Grant County Mulch
Doug George
Mario Isola
4 (West)Sebastian Arias (Phoenix)Nascimento RacingToyota CamryRubbermaidHenry Nascimento
6 (West)Jake Drew (Phoenix)Sunrise Ford RacingFord FusionSunrise RacingBill Sedgwick
7 (West)Takuma Koga (Phoenix)Jerry Pitts RacingToyota CamryRise UpJerry Pitts
9 (West)Tanner Reif (Phoenix)Sunrise Ford RacingFord FusionVegas Fastener ManufacturerJeff Schrader
13 (West)Todd Souza (Phoenix)Central Coast RacingFord FusionCentral Coast CabinetsMichael Munoz
16 (West)Austin Herzog (Phoenix)Bill McAnally RacingChevrolet SSNAPA Auto PartsCharlie Wilson
17 (West)Josh Berry (Phoenix)McGowan MotorsportsChevrolet SSMMIAmber Slagle
19 (West)Derek Kraus (Phoenix)Bill McAnally RacingChevrolet SSNAPA AutoCareShane Wilson
21 (West)Chris Lowden (Phoenix)Lowden MotorsportsChevrolet SSStoney's Roadhouse
Blue Valor Whiskey
Dave Jackson
27 (West)Bobby Hillis Jr. (Phoenix)Fierce Creature RacingChevrolet SSFirst Impression PressRalph Byers
31 (West)Paul Pedroncelli (Phoenix)Pedroncelli RacingChevrolet SSRancho Victoria WeddingsRodd Kneeland
33 (West)Paul Pedroncelli Jr. (Phoenix)Pedroncelli RacingChevrolet SSSelect Mobile BottlersTy Joiner
39 (West)Andrew Tuttle (Phoenix)Last Chance MotorsportsChevrolet SSGearhead CoffeeMichael Parker
54 (West)Joey Iest (Phoenix)Naake-Klauer MotorsportsFord FusionRichwood Meats
Basila Farms
Mike Naake
66 (West)Eric Rhead (Phoenix)Jones RacingChevrolet SSJones RacingRoxi Gabbard
70 (West)Kyle Keller (Phoenix)Kyle Keller RacingChevrolet SSThird3yeJohn Keller
85 (West)Ryan Roulette (Phoenix)Last Chance MotorsportsToyota CamryBellator Recruiting AcademyJosh Fanopoulos
86 (West)Tim Spurgeon (Phoenix)Tim Spurgeon RacingToyota CamryDavid's Racing ProductsMike David
88 (West)Bridget Burgess (Phoenix)BMI MotorsportsChevrolet SSHMH ConstructionSarah Burgess

ARCA East:

Car #Driver(s)Team NameManufacturer(s)Sponsor(s)Crew Chief(s)
01Stephanie MoyerFast Track RacingToyota CamryEvergreen Raceway ParkMike Sroufe
Tim Monroe
02Leland HoneymanYoung's MotorsportsChevrolet SSLH Waterfront ConstructionAndrew Abbott
03Alex Clubb (Iowa)Clubb Racing Inc.Ford FusionClubb Racing Brian Clubb
06Nate Moeller (Five Flags, Nashville)
Zachary Tinkle (Iowa)
Wayne Peterson RacingFord FusionGreatRailing.com
Pipe Works
Wayne Peterson
0Zachary Tinkle (New Smyrna)Wayne Peterson RacingFord FusionGreatRailing.comMichael Peterson
1Jake Finch (Five Flags, Nashville)Phoenix RacingChevrolet SSPhoenix ConstructionJohnny Allen
2Nick Sanchez (Iowa, Milwaukee, Bristol)Rev RacingChevrolet SSMax Siegel Inc. Matt Bucher
6Rajah Caruth (4 Races)Rev RacingChevrolet SSMax Siegel Inc.
St. Vincent & Grenadines
Brad Parrott
10Ed Pompa (New Smyrna)
Nate Moeller (Five Flags)
Tim Monroe (Dover)
Matt Wilson (Nashville)
Tanner Allen (Iowa)
Fast Track RacingToyota CamryCen-Pe-Co Lubricants
Fast Track Racing
RA Wilson Enterprises
Stotle Farms
Dick Doheny
Jeremy Petty
Tim Monroe
Steven Barton
11Willie Mullins (New Smyrna, Five Flags)
Ryan Roulettte (Nashville)
Ed Pompa (Dover)
Bryce Haugeberg (Iowa)
Fast Track RacingToyota Camry
Ford Fusion
Crow Wing Recycling
Cen Pe Co
Magnum Contracting
Robert Bruce
Dick Doheny
Mike Sroufe
12Tony Cosentino (New Smyrna, Nashville)
Tim Monroe (Five Flags)
Tommy Vigh Jr. (Dover)
DL Wilson (Iowa)
Fast Track RacingToyota Camry
Chevrolet SS
Fast Track RacingTony Cosentino
Tim Monroe
Trey Galgon
15Conner Jones (Dover, Iowa)Venturini MotorsportsToyota CamryJones UtilitiesKevin Reed
17Taylor GrayDavid Gilliland RacingFord Fusion
Ford Mustang
Ford Performance
Place of Hope
David Gilliland Racing
Chad Johnston
18Sammy SmithKyle Busch MotorsportsToyota CamryTMC TransportationMark McFarland
20Jesse Love (Dover, Iowa)Venturini MotorsportsToyota CamryYahoo! Shannon Rursch
22Steve Austin CCM RacingChevrolet SSRed Tide Canopies / Coble EnterprisesJeremy Petty
25Toni Breidinger (Iowa, Milwaukee, Bristol)
Jake Finch (Dover)
Venturini MotorsportsToyota CamryPhoenix Construction
Kevin Reed Jr.
27Tim Richmond (Iowa)Tim Richmond RacingChevrolet SSCircle Track WarehouseDarrell Phillips
30Amber Balcean (Iowa, Milwaukee, Bristol)
Max Gutierrez (New Smyrna)
Rette Jones RacingFord FusionTough Built (New Smyrna)
Icon Direct (Iowa)
Mark Rette
35Greg Van Alst (Iowa, Milwaukee, Bristol)Greg Van Alst MotorsportsFord FusionCB FabricatingJim Long
42Christian RoseCook Racing TechnologiesToyota CamryVisit West VirginiaSean Samuels
43Daniel Dye (Iowa, Milwaukee, Bristol)GMS RacingChevrolet SSRace to Stop SuicideChad Bryant
44Mason Diaz (New Smyrna)
Brandon Varney (Five Flags)
Mason Mingus (Nashville)
Ron Vandermeir Jr (Iowa)
Ferrier-McClure RacingFord FusionSolid Rock Carriers
Vans Tire Center
Team Construction
Mac Rack Engineered Rack Repair
Jeff McClure
48Brad SmithSmith Brothers RacingChevrolet SSPSSTTerry Strange
Carlos Leon
Carl Brown
49Ashton Higgins (Five Flags)Ashton Higgins RacingToyota CamryLeapfrog Landscaping Tony Ponkauskas
55Jonathan Shafer (Dover, Iowa)Venturini MotorsportsToyota CamryChampion Power Equipment Dave Leiner
60Daniel Escoto (Five Flags, Dover)
Logan Misuraca (New Smyrna)
Michael Lira (Nashville)
Josh Williams MotorsportsChevrolet SSN/ATony Furr
John Holmes
74Donald Theetge (New Smyrna, Five Flags, Nashville)Visconti MotorsportsToyota CamryGroupe TheetgeJohn Visconti III
81Brandon Jones (Iowa)Joe Gibbs RacingToyota CamryMenards / Morton Salt
95Caleb Costner (New Smyrna)Costner Weaver MotorsportsChevrolet SSInnovative Tiny Houses (New Smyrna)Brian Bibeau
95Tanner Arms (Nashville Fairgrounds)MAN MotorsportsToyota CamryCedar City RV (Nashville Fairgrounds)David Noble

ARCA West:

Car #Driver(s)Team(s)Manufacturer(s)Sponsor(s)Crew Chief(s)
01Tim Monroe (Phoenix 1)Fast Track RacingChevrolet SSFast Track RacingTim Monroe
03Alex Clubb (Phoenix 1)Clubb Racing Inc.Ford FusionJazz & Jane FlowersBrian Clubb
04Sarah Burgess (Irwindale)
Eric Nascimento Jr (Sonoma)

WD: Irwindale
Nascimento RacingToyota CamryRubbermaid Products
Brady IFS
RJ's Paint Shop
Mike David
Mike Nascimento
05David Smith (Portland)

WD: Portland
David Smith RacingToyota CamryShockwave Seats?
07Brian Kaltreider (Phoenix 1)Mystic MotorsportsFord FusionMystic MotorsportsKeith Tebbs
08Stafford Smith (Irwindale)

WD: Irwindale
Kart Idaho RacingFord FusionBlue Valor Whiskey
Stoney's Roadhouse
Mike Holleran
2Nick Sanchez (Phoenix 1)Rev RacingChevrolet SSUniversal Technical InstituteMatt Bucher
4Sebastian Arias (7 Races)
Eric Nascimento (Portland)
Nascimento RacingToyota CamryRubbermaid Products
Brady IFS
RJ's Paint Shop
Mike Nascimento
6Jake DrewSunrise RacingFord FusionSunrise Racing
Stilo USA
Offset Sport
Irwindale Speedway
Bill Sedgwick
7Takuma KogaJerry Pitts RacingToyota CamryRise Up
GR Garage
Yamada Infra
Loop Connect
Jerry Pitts
9Tanner Reif Sunrise RacingFord FusionVegas Fastener Manufacturing
Sunrise Racing
Jeff Schrader
10Zachary Tinkle (Phoenix 1)Fast Track RacingToyota CamryFast Track RacingWayne Peterson
11Bryce Haugeberg (Phoenix 1)Fast Track RacingToyota CamryMagnum ContractingMike Sroufe
11WChris Lowden (Irwindale)
Nick Joanides (Kern County)
Kart Idaho RacingChevrolet SSBlue Valor Whiskey
Stoney's Roadhouse
Dave Jackson
12DL Wilson (Phoenix 1)Fast Track RacingChevrolet SSLeggott Trailers of WacoDick Doheny
12/70Kyle Keller

WD: Irwindale
Kyle Keller RacingChevrolet SSThird3yeJohn Keller
13Todd SouzaCoastal Cabinets RacingFord FusionCentral Coast CabinetsMichael Munoz
15Parker Chase (Phoenix 1)Venturini MotorsportsToyota CamryVertical BridgeKevin Reed
16Austin HerzogBill McAnally RacingChevrolet SSNAPA Auto PartsCharlie Wilson
17Taylor Gray (Phoenix 1)David Gilliland RacingFord FusionFord PerformanceChad Johnston
17WJosh Berry (Phoenix 1)
Amber Slagle (Kern)
Connor Mosack (Portland)
Landen Lewis (Sonoma)
Steve McGowan RacingChevrolet SSMMI Services
High Point University
Amber Slagle
Sean Samuels
18Sammy Smith (Phoenix 1)Kyle Busch MotorsportsToyota CamryTMCMark McFarland
19Derek Kraus (Phoenix 1)Bill McAnally RacingChevrolet SSNAPA Auto CareShane Wilson
20Jesse Love (Phoenix 1)Venturini MotorsportsToyota CamryCrescent ToolsShannon Rursch
21Chris Lowden (Phoenix 1)
Stafford Smith (Irwindale)
Kart Idaho RacingFord FusionBlue Valor Whiskey
Stoney's Roadhouse
Dave Jackson
Mike Holleran
21Jack Wood (Sonoma)?Toyota CamryCooks CollisionTom Ackerman
23Connor Mosack (Phoenix 1)Bret Holmes RacingChevrolet SSNic Taylor UnderwearShane Huffman
25Toni Breidinger (Phoenix 1)Venturini MotorsportsToyota CamryHair ClubKevin Reed Jr.
27Bobby Hillis Jr. (Phoenix 1)Fierce Creature RacingChevrolet SSFirst Impression Press Ralph Byers
30Amber Balcaen (Phoenix 1)Rette Jones RacingFord FusionICON DirectMark Rette
31Paul PedroncelliPedroncelli RacingChevrolet SSRancho Victoria WeddingsRodd Kneeland
32Dale Quarterly (Portland, Sonoma)Dale Quarterly RacingChevrolet SSVanDyk RecyclingAlex Quarterly
33PJ PedroncelliPedroncelli RacingToyota CamrySelect Mobile BottlersTy Joiner
35Greg Van Alst (Phoenix 1)Greg Van Alst MotorsportsFord FusionCB FabricatingJim Long
39Andrew Tuttle

WD: Irwindale
Last Chance RacingChevrolet SSGearhead Coffee
Coast Line Equipment
Michael Parker
40Dean Thompson (Sonoma)Niece MotorsportsChevrolet SSThompson Pipe GroupJoe Lax
42Christian Rose (Phoenix 1)
Landen Lewis (Kern)
Cook Racing TechnologiesToyota CamryVisit West Virginia
19th Green / MMI Services
Sean Samuels
Derek Peebles
43Daniel Dye (Phoenix 1, Portland)GMS Racing
Bill McAnally Racing
Chevrolet SSFather Lopez High School
Deland Motorsports
Chad Bryant
48Brad Smith (Phoenix 1)Brad Smith MotorsportsChevrolet SSPSSTRand Bitter
50Trevor Huddleston (Irwindale, Kern)High Point RacingFord FusionYouRaceLATravis Thirkettle
52Ryan Philpott (Sonoma)Ryan Philpott RacingToyota CamryMattes RentalsCjiucl Dhozhier
54Joey Iest Naake-Klauer RacingFord FusionRichwood Meats
Basila Farm
Mike Naake
61Rajah Caruth (Phoenix 1)Rev RacingChevrolet SSMax Siegel Inc.Brad Parrott
66Eric Rhead (Phoenix 1, Kern)Jones RacingChevrolet SSJones RacingRoxi Gabbard
68Rodd Kneeland (Sonoma)Rodd Kneeland RacingChevrolet SSFlorian IndustriesTony Caputo
77Nick Joanides (Phoenix 1, Irwindale 1)
Tripp Gaylord (Kern)
Clark Lukens (Portland)

WD: Phoenix 1, Portland
Performance P1 MotorsportsToyota CamryJansDave McKenzie
85Ryan Roulette (Phoenix 1)Last Chance RacingToyota CamryBellator Recruiting AcademyJosh Fanopoulos
85Vance Little (Portland, Sonoma)Vance Little RacingChevrolet SSTrue Quality Construction Darrell Herzog
86Tim Spurgeon

WD: Irwindale
Tim Spurgeon RacingToyota CamryDavids Racing Products
Mike David
88Bridget Burgess BMI RacingChevrolet SSHMH ConstructionSarah Burgess
91Colby Howard (Sonoma)Bill McAnally RacingToyota CamryGates HydraulicsTBA
99Cole MooreBill McAnally RacingChevrolet SSBBB Industries
JM Environmental
Adaptive One
Mario isola